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It shows a fairly clear pattern of age-related use, highest among 18-24-year-olds (45%) and dropping with each successive age bracket to 8% of the 65+ group. Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation, said her company connects with Gen Xers and baby boomers frequently, especially View the daily Twitter analytics, track progress charts, view future predictions, Twitter top charts, Twitter influencers, & more! May 02, 2013 · Also, African-Americans and Hispanics are more likely to use Twitter than Whites, according to the study. Twitter Cards help you richly represent your content on Twitter. In Q3 2017 it was $590m. It is the number one market from an audience perspective. For more data, check out the report here. 18 Mar 2016 Twitter Facial Analysis Reveals Demographics of Presidential Campaign Followers. adult population. Track how your Twitter Cards drive clicks, app installs, and Retweets. Graph your Twitter Stats including. 2. In November 2017, Twitter expanded the character limit for a tweet from 140 to 280. Survey analysis of social media demographics in the US have shown that Facebook and Twitter users tend to be younger and more educated than the general population, with Twitter having a more skewed distribution (Duggan, 2015; Greenwood et al. A total of 549,972 tweets were downloaded and coded for the presence of anti-vaccine beliefs through a machine learning algorithm. For more on the demographic make-up of various major media platforms in the US, see MarketingCharts’ US Media Audience Demographics report. 4M; in Q1 2019, Twitter's revenue was $786. In this tutorial we’ll go over all the basics of Twitter and Jul 26, 2019 · Two days after Facebook reported growing numbers (even amid its regulatory turmoil), its social media counterpart Twitter today announced its Q2 results. Dataset size is given in [square brackets] when available. • The unit of analysis is the Twitter user rather than the geotagged tweet. Males and females are split at 49% and 51% respectively, meaning clothing and accessory companies for women could have as much potential outreach as sport or motor vehicle services aimed specifically at men. 7% of Canada’s online population. In this survey, we will ask you some questions about your Twitter Usage, as well as some questions about demographic information (age, gender, etc. Most of the findings are in line with what you might expect and some are truly surprising. Twitter is also moderately popular with people 35 to 44. Blogger demographics by gender, age, and much more is found here with Sysomos. Twitter age & gender demographics. Instagram and Snapchat may have snapped up the young demographic, but Twitter has its own crowd to appeal to. Facebook advertising data is handy when advertisers are studying their target groups. S. Dec 05, 2019 · If you are unable to print a certified copy of patient demographics and resort to printing a screenshot instead, we may have a solution for you! But we can’t take the credit for it. 21 Dec 2013 A portrait of Instagram users according to age, gender, and other demographics. Demographics and sentiments are extracted using some APIs. That translates to 49. Go beyond simple demographics. 10 Feb 2020 Twitter Demographics. 5% of UK Social Media users, actively use Twitter. Loading Watch Queue But overall it is actually more popular than Twitter, generally considered the number two social network in the U. Need help  10 Jan 2013 Better than Nielsen: Twitter breaks down TV behavior by demographics, device, and genre. But 73 percent of US tweeters are under 50. In terms of gender, the United Kingdom Twitter demographics is evenly split. If you have a resource to add to the list, feel free to open a pull request, or email me at shay. Twitter’s analytics help you understand how the content you share on Twitter grows your business. By using data to drive your Twitter targeting decisions, you can extend your limited resources further by ensuring they’re used in the most productive manner. Faculty & Staff Stats (Fall 2018) Instructional Faculty 989* Full-time Faculty: 56% Part-time Faculty: 44% Staff 1,106* * Coaches, librarians, and others who have faculty status but primarily engage in noninstructional functions are counted as staff rather than instructional faculty. Twitter first made profit in Q4 2017. In an effort to keep you up to date with the newest stats, I have given our numbers a once over to make sure they have been updated to reflect activity in 2018. dict the demographics of Twitter users based on whom they follow. This allows you to know whether you Where Twitter data are available for an article, counts for each user category and geolocation data are included in the Demographics tab of article details page. of YouTube's audience is female. May 16, 2017 · How India emerged as Twitter's fastest growing market in terms of daily active users India almost grew 5x as a market than the global average. The country is nearly split between people ages 18 to 49 and those 50 and older. Tweets were originally restricted to 140 characters, but was doubled to 280 for non-Asian languages in November 2017. The top 10 competitors average 26. When it comes to education, shown in figure 3, a ‘college education without a degree’ is the most common education level among all social media users, at 35%. while coming up with an influence score for each Twitter user. The 22 most important Twitter demographics for marketers Twitter gender demographics. Click here to find out more about how the information was compiled. 31 million users are using a Smartphone or mobile device to access Twitter. By using targeted Twitter Ads, you can promote your business to tons of users that are interested in exactly what you’re Mar 06, 2013 · Twitter Demographics and Public Opinion. Still, the side-by-side comparison of social demographics makes accessible a lot of information valuable to marketing . For example, did you know that 11% of online adults use twitter or a service like twitter to update their status online? Here are the key stats from the PEW study regarding the demographic of twitter users: Apr 24, 2020 · Twitter demographics. Of this group, close to half (44%) check Twitter constantly, meaning they check in, consume and engage multiple times a day. 7 Aug 2012 Twitter has more than 500 million users and is continuously growing, but who are all these new tweeters? Pew Research Center has released  19 Oct 2016 Tjong Kim Sang and Bos attempted to incorporate demographics in their study [ 14], but they did not have demographic data of Twitter users. 6 Display Names Sep 27, 2016 · Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram Dominating Younger Demographic GlobalWebIndex looked at the younger demographics to understand their usage. Apr 17, 2020 · Networks vary in popularity with different demographics and they're still evolving. Twitter Demographics 2017 Twitter usage has dropped slightly, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel as 37. The percentage of users of all ages who check their Twitter timeline multiple times during the day is 29%. Link Copied. Twitter Usage. Sep 02, 2015 · The Education demographics of Social Media Users. It was a simple new feature that combined features already in existence, but by putting these all in one tab, Twitter made it easier for users to find and engage with new content on Twitter. Only 39% use it on desktop. Twitter says year-end statistics it released Mar 21, 2006 · In March 2015, Twitter acquired the live streaming app Periscope. Demographics Pro unlocks rich audience and markets insights that have previously not been available at scale. Password. They are produced via the exclusive, multi-year agreement that Nielsen and Twitter announced in December 2012. , 50% of visitors to Twitter, Inc. 2 billion of which are active every day. March 6, 2013 . From private internet users to large public companies, Twitter has been used as an effective microblogging site to share the latest news, photos, links and other information. 47% women and 53% men make for all of Twitter users. This is a full marketing service aimed at professionals who need something a little more extensive than the average analytics app. Demographics for Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings are based on publicly available information on Twitter, and are attributed on an anonymous or aggregated basis using a minimum group size to ensure privacy protection. According to Statista, 35% of US teens rate Instagram as their favorite social  26 Jun 2018 Katy Perry is the most followed Twitter user (109 million followers), followed by Justin Bieber (106 million followers), and Barack Obama (102  30 Oct 2019 In terms of gender, race and ethnicity, Twitter user demographics mirror that of the general American population. Niels Rosenquist‡ †Northeastern University ∗Technical University of Denmark ‡Harvard Medical School Abstract Every second, the thoughts and feelings of millions of people across the world are recorded in the form of 46% of millennials (25-34-year-olds) have increased their YouTube usage since last year. 5% annual rate, or about 750,000 to 800,000 people per year from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. For specifics on what we’ve been doing in response to this health emergency, visit our blog. Now use analytics to measure their effectiveness. Apr 24, 2019 · Twitter users are younger, more educated and more likely to be Democrats than general public. Beyond these three demographics, we continue to actively track and support representation across our workforce. Anonymous Author(s). Whether implementing for audience mapping, influencer identification or custom research, we’re impressed by its ability to inform all phases of brand storytelling – from strategy/planning to creative concepting and measuring impact. Whereas most prior approaches rely on a supervised learning approach, in which individual users are labeled with demographics, we instead create a dis-tantly labeled dataset by collecting audience measure-ment data for 1,500 websites (e. It is an exciting time personally, says Singh. AARP is a nonprofit Twitter Demographics The data shown below were collected from the profiles of 2 tweeters who shared this research output. Audience Insights – Demographics. Thus, fewer than one in 13 Americans who know about Twitter, actually use Twitter. In August 2008 I wrote about the Twitter usage figures and Twitter demographics that were available - data from Hitwise and Compete. Harness Tweepsmap's deep analytics: understand your audience better and engage them more meaningfully. With a birth every eight seconds and a death every 11, according to the U. Apr 10, 2020 · The next video is starting stop. Myth: The average YouTube user is a young, single male. 22 % of US adults use Twitter. Unite profit and #purpose A sense of purpose motivates us. The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is Roughly 15% of online adults regularly use Twitter, and 18–29 year-olds and minorities tend to be more highly represented on Twitter than in the general population . LinkedIn: Linkedin analytics. Canadian Twitter users are active Twitter users. 66 percent of Twitter users worldwide are male compared to just 34 percent females (DataReportal, 2019), which puts the ratio of males to females at two to one. I The data speaks for itself: Twitter is prime real estate for brands wanting to increase conversion, revenue and social proof (e. Know the true personality of any neighborhood… before your company invests in a location, places executives in corporate housing, or spends money Such Twitter statistics are a good reflection of the real reach of Twitter. g. py. The firm’s research indicates the Twitterverse tends to skew younger and more Something went wrong. Profit is how we expand and improve. Mar 12, 2018 · Twitter use is consistent among genders, and is slightly higher among Black (26%) adults than those of other races and ethnicities. This means Twitter may become even more friendly towards conservatives in the future; Higher income individuals are increasing. Twitter Statistics. Each day, more than í ó million people share a Love [ reaction, According to Pew’s findings, the typical Twitter user continues to be an 18-29 year-old educated minority with a well-paying job, and is slightly more likely to be male than female. In Australia, 11% of users tweet more than 5 times a day compared to 27% in 2016. The files description is as follows: 1. Twitter by the numbers: facts, usage stats and demographics you should know Nov 30, 2019 · Twitter Demographics: Gender In terms of global gender demographics, Twitter is more popular among males than females. 24% of All Internet male users use Twitter, whereas 21% of All Internet Female users use Twitter. Mislove et al. 20 Dec 2010 and Twitter 190 million. Oct 24, 2019 · So maybe your website is young, and it doesn’t provide enough substantial information about your demographics, or maybe your Facebook page or Twitter account doesn’t do that either, what we can do is that as long as you know what keywords you rank for or want to rank for, you can put that information into Google AdWords and they will tell Top 10 Demographics & Interests Facts About Americans Age 50+ By Becky Gillan, May 14, 2014 12:14 PM . Apr 24, 2019 · Twitter represents just a thin slice of American demographics. There are 262 million International Twitter users (users outside the US) which make up 79% of all Twitter accounts. May 10, 2012 · To get the demographic data on twitter you can use any third party tool. To generate a geographical map of tweeters, we geolocate users based on information in their profiles on Twitter. For example, people living in cities spend the most time on Social Media, at 70% of the population . This post was updated March 2019. It’s also a gallery of your greatest hits Visualize a break down of social media demographics to learn about who is using them. 37 percent of adults 18–29 years old use Twitter, followed by 25 percent of adults 30–49 Jun 27, 2017 · Twitter launched in 2006 and has enjoyed a massive surge in growth and popularity around the globe. Feature. According to comScore, YouTube reaches 95% of online adults 55+ in a month. We will let you know as soon as these new data-points have officially been updated. By NATE COHN and KEVIN QUEALY APRIL 9, 2019. Using patterns  24 Mar 2016 Instagram User Demographics. As this trend continues younger demographics should decline (if Twitter mimics Facebook). Demographics of Arab Protests. We implemented a dictionary where we stored each word of database and its frequency. Ritchie King, Quartz National Journal. If a customer complains on Twitter, now is not the right time to send them an ad. Every Month, 82 million users are using a Desktop computer to access Twitter. com. We’ll keep this page updated as our work continues. By Shea   20 Jun 2013 This is a look at 3 billion tweets — every geotagged tweet since September 2011, mapped, showing facets of Twitter's ecosystem and userbase  Number of Twitter Users 2020: Demographics, Breakdowns & Predictions As of the first quarter of 2019, Twitter had 330 million monthly active users (MAU). Perhaps the  29 May 2013 highly-resolved demographic characteristics with happiness levels; and Connecting Twitter Sentiment and Expression, Demographics, and  28 Jun 2019 These social media demographics will help you to compare each platform four platforms that are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As a result, major demographic shifts can have a large impact on real estate trends for several decades to follow. Twitter is the second-most used social media platform, and similar to Facebook it mostly appeals to a younger audience. AARP Twitter. The more data you can pull, the better. 34% of Twitter users are females and 66% are males. Research by Global WebIndex that we reference in this article shows that globally, Social media users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day multinetworking across an average of 8 social networks and messaging apps . Apr 05, 2020 · awesome-twitter-data. Compare that ratio to Facebook, where 88% have heard of it, and 41% have a profile (a conversion rate approaching 50%). Tweets per hour. View More. Twitter User Demographics. It's tempting to use Twitter as an informal barometer of public opinion. Check the visual below for more Twitter vs Facebook statistics*, which comes courtesy of Forbes and Statista . Night time is the right time (for Twitter) Feb 10, 2020 · Linkedin Demographics. Twitter Sucks at Converting Awareness to Usage Known by 87%, just 7% of Americans use Twitter. After US (167 million+), India (64 million+), China (49 million+), Brazil (41 million+), and Great Britain (28 million+) has the highest Leslie Berland is the people and marketing lead responsible for Twitter’s global consumer, product, and sales marketing and communications. Explore the interests, locations, and demographics of your followers. So being able to target audiences based  What are some Twitter demographics to consider? Fret not. Twitter demographics Twitter makes it possible for users to reach practically any person or business simply by tagging them in a Tweet. 3. 7M; in Q2 2019, it was $841. To begin, we looked at the percentage of applicants in various age intervals that have made gaming purchases. To help with this, the team at Tracx have created this new infographic which provides  7 Jun 2012 Pew Report: The demographics of Twitter users. This survey aims to look at the demographic breakdown of the popular micro-blogging service Twitter. ). is based in San Francisco, California, and has more than 25 offices around the world. To be honest with you, I didn’t realize just how powerful “Twitter” can be until up until a few months ago. Twitter continues to have a high drop-off rate - 31% in 2018. 3 Data Snapshot 1. twitter. Furthermore, the fact that we collected only around 10% of all tweets during the calendar year 2011 means that our data set is a non-uniform subsample of statements made by a non Facebook demographics reach farther and wider than any other social media network. Twitter Demographics: Age. In use by nearly 1,000,000 Twitter-folk! Looking for simple. Twitter Alas @TwitterAlas. Do you know how old the average Twitter or Facebook user is? Do you know what share of Reddit’s users are women? We could go on and on; when it comes to social network demographics, the questions are endless. 1177/0894439319828011 For example, if a visitor checked out hiking boots on your online retail store, it is a good idea to advertise to them about hiking. power and influence abroad, but many are unfamiliar with its composition. That’s why it’s such a popular platform for customer service , allowing users to air complaints in real-time and customer service teams to react quickly. A new report released by the Boston Foundation shows that the Greater Boston population has become much more diverse over the last few Demographics & Population. In its infancy, Twitter provided complete data to researchers, enabling, for example, Kwak et al. Twitter’s native analytics give you some great information on the demographics of your followers, which is a great place to start. A Twitter that is both of those things is a Twitter that will endure. Mar 06, 2009 · PEW released an interesting document on twitter demographics along with some other interesting information. Prior to joining the company in 2016, she was executive vice president, global Jan 19, 2017 · The EEO-1 report is the federally mandated data that companies supply each year to the Department of Labor on the demographics of their workers. Tweepsmap analyzes and segments your audience, providing insight on: Twitter User Demographics. A Bachelor’s degree is the second most popular education level, and those who use Twitter are most likely to fit this description Mar 11, 2016 · Until recently, however, it was a lot harder to get psychographics than demographics, and even if you had psychographic data, it wasn’t always obvious how to make it actionable. We are finding that a large number of digital marketers are increasingly leveraging the power of Twitter to extend the message of their brand. Instead, use a tool that’ll allow you to analyze Twitter followers. com Older demographics are getting on board with Twitter just like they did with Facebook. This 2018 data shows an adoption increase from 55% last year to now 64% of all Instagram users that fall within the 18- to 29-year-old range. Twitter Alas ("wings" in Spanish) is for employees of Latino and Latin American descent and for others with an interest in Latinx culture. Understanding the Demographics of Twitter Users Alan Mislove† Sune Lehmann∗ Yong-Yeol Ahn † Jukka-Pekka Onnela‡ J. The youngest age group, applicants aged 18-24, has the highest percentage of video game players. Still, Twitter pays its interns more, so that counts for something. 2 The Demographics Dataset 1. Some companies find success in reaching older audiences on Twitter. Twitter Every word, photo, video, and follower can have an impact. adult Twitter users differ in significant ways from the overall U. Tweepsmap  Facebook user demographics Instagram user demographics Twitter is a much more fast-paced platform with users' feeds constantly being reloaded with  According to a study by Sysomos in June 2009, women make up a slightly larger Twitter demographic than men—fifty-three  13 Mar 2020 Twitter demographics. Researches have been conducted to analyze social media users at a general level. – Users originating from Asia & Pacific account for the growth of the social network. Search AARP Blogs. Australian research suggests Twitter users follow an average of 171 accounts. Linking Twitter and Survey Data: The Impact of Survey Mode and Demographics on Consent Rates Across Three UK Studies Tarek Al Baghal, Luke Sloan, Curtis Jessop, Matthew L. There are a number of systems that allow analysis of what Twitter users are posting, but it is much harder to analyse who they are. New, 5 comments. Twitter is a micro-blogging and social media platform that allows you to send out messages –most commonly referred to as “Tweets” with up to 140 characters to your “Followers”. We use Twitter data to uncover the link between land use and urban dynamics. The latest data shows a higher proportion of U. Be #fast, #free, and #fun Lifestyle and Demographics Data Location, Inc. Our proprietary reporting tools will transform your social analysis. 18% earn between $20K and $49K p. Whether you're just a guy trying to promote your blog, own a small company, or are the head of marketing at a large corporation, it's becoming more and more likely that your competitors are using Twitter, so should you be using it too? Before answering that question, it's VERY important to understand Twitter's demographics so that you know what sorts of audiences you might be reaching. Feb 22, 2015 · Twitter is one of the biggest social networks on the Internet, but if you haven’t joined it yet, you might have some questions. Reality: The average YouTube user is just as likely to be female as male, and even more likely to be college-educated and have a family than not. Find yourself in these living facts about the demographics of the United States today. Jan 29, 2013 · Older Demographics: : Over-55s are the fastest growing demographic on Twitter! Active usage grew 116% between Q2 and Q4 2012 while active usage among 45-54s increased 81% in the same period. Be #fast, #free, and #fun A Twitter that is both of those things is a Twitter that will endure. Twitter's audience is leaned-in, influential, and passionate with a variety of interests. Gaming Demographics by Age. SalesForce Marketing Cloud. Apr 24, 2020 · This statistic provides information on the distribution of Twitter users worldwide as of April 2020, sorted by age group. Apr 24, 2019 · Meanwhile, roughly half (51%) of YouTube users use the platform daily while 42% of Twitter users visit the platform on a daily basis. 30- to 49-year olds make up roughly 28% of platform’s total users. |. A list of Twitter datasets and related resources, released under CC0. If you follow Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on Twitter, your face has probably been analyzed by a machine to Feb 20, 2020 · Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send short 280-character messages called tweets. Facebook Facebook is arguably the largest social media platform with two billion users, 1. Demographics Of Various Sentiment Driven Users On Twitter. Understanding the Demographics of Twitter Users Alan Mislove† Sune Lehmann∗ Yong-Yeol Ahn† Jukka-Pekka Onnela‡ J. The site is host to more than 320 million active users per month. In the other countries of the world, users seem to abandon the medium. May 21, 2019 · Twitter Demographics. About 14% of people who use Twitter don't tweet. 4. A detailed look at the voters with the numbers to decide the 2020 Oct 28, 2011 · Know Your Twitter Followers is an automated freemium service that allows any individual, company or brand immediate access to acquire a demographic analysis of their Twitter fol Mar 21, 2017 · Making the Most of Groups on Social Media #SMTLive Twitter chat (12pm EDT) • May 19, 2020 Adapting Your Customer Experience Management Strategy Webinar 2pm ET • May 20, 2020 How Competitive Intelligence Can Optimize Your Go-To-Market Strategy Webinar 2pm ET • May 27, 2020 View all events Mar 24, 2009 · New - Twitter demographics and usage statistics here Twitter are notoriously guarded about user information and Twitter usage statistics. studied the demographics of general Twitter users including their geo-location, gender and race [5 Roughly 15% of online adults regularly use Twitter, and 18–29 year-olds and minorities tend to be more highly represented on Twitter than in the general population . Demographics Pro is Nielsen-style measurement for Twitter and Instagram activity, giving marketers deep insight into the consumers who follow specific Twitter  1 Feb 2018 However data is incomplete having demographic information almost always absent. – More than half of its users belong to the 25-34 age group. a. In order to find out more information beyond demographics, it’s helpful to use a third party tool. Embed Popular on Pew Research. The Demographics of UK Social Media Users – Using Demographics to Connect Jun 27, 2017 · SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter has hired Candi Castleberry-Singleton as its new vice president of inclusion and diversity in the latest bid by co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey to make the After my post on Facebook’s demographics and statistics hit the front page of Digg for a day and drove about 25k views of the report, I got the sense that there’s a real need for this kind of information. 1. There are 3,900 employees. Here are the broader breakdowns. Twitter’s audience is leaned-in, influential, and passionate with a variety of interests. In this article, we'll present to you 10 Twitter  24 Apr 2019 Specifically, nearly two-thirds (63%) of Twitter users ages 18 to 49 identify as Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party, compared with the  8 Apr 2020 To say it's taken a back seat to Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn would be an understatement — I kicked Facebook out of the car and drove away  In this paper, we propose models to infer daily joint probabilities of multiple latent attributes from Twitter data, such as political sentiment and demographic  Using Noisy Self-Reports to Predict Twitter User Demographics. military by gender, race, geography Demography is destiny, and the decline in the world’s labor force is a crucial reason for pessimism about the global economy. It spans multiple demographics and spreads your Dec 20, 2010 · Tweet Share Post How does Twitter stack up against Facebook when it comes to demographics and online activity? Digital Surgeons, an online marketing agency, has put together an infographic comparing the Facebook population to the Twitter population, and it shows that while the two are similar in many respects in terms of age, income and so on, there are also some crucial differences of This study examines temporal trends, geographic distribution, and demographic correlates of anti-vaccine beliefs on Twitter, 2009-2015. Twitter Follower Demographics Harness Tweepsmap's deep analytics: understand your audience better and engage them more meaningfully. 4 Location 1. Tweets per month. We seek straightforwardness in our product and in our culture. Demographics expert Ragui Assaad says the region must move toward Aug 21, 2012 · UPDATE: There is a more recent post available, Social network demographics in 2017, a lot has happened since 2012. VERY active! More than 15 million Canadians use Twitter every month. Twitter May 21, 2019 · Twitter Demographics. 7% from Apr 24, 2019 · A new report out this morning from Pew Research Center offers insight into the U. 22% of US adults use Twitter. They use Twitter to follow other people so they can keep up to date. This was brought to our attention by Stefania and Roan of the Head and Neck team. 5% of YouTube’s visitors are from the United States, 8. Twitter released the first quarter results for 2020 on April 30, 2020. Dec 25, 2017 · However Congress decides to deal with Dreamers, it should be based on the real demographics of the DACA populace, not the glamorized image typically presented by the media. See more about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. As head of people, Leslie leads Twitter's human resources, recruitment, and learning and organizational development teams. Refresh your stats - stats get updated when you come back after 8 hours and enter your username. More popular with nonwhites and young adults than Facebook and Twitter; 55 percent of online adults ages  4 Jun 2015 18-29 is still the top demographic and by a long way. 4B. So, if you're looking to reach a younger audience, Twitter might help you do so. If you follow Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on Twitter,  Social Media 2013: User Demographics For Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest And Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]. Twitter’s format is ideal for timely content, meaning the platform continues to be popular for news and customer service. Twitter: Twitter analytics, Followerwonk, and SocialRank. A dictionary is created where all the words of database are stored. 19 Feb 2016 We then fit a regression model to predict these demographics from information about the followers of each website on Twitter. via market segmentation. Williams, and Pete Burnap Social Science Computer Review 0 10. Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, launched in July of that year. Apr 16, 2020 · Facebook continues to hold tight to its title as the most popular social media platform out there. By Shea Bennett. Username. 24% of All Internet male users use  Instagram age & gender demographics. S adult and are also more likely than the general public to have a college degree. Out of all Twitter users, 36% are aged between 18 and 29. Niels Rosenquist ‡ †Northeastern University ∗Technical University of Denmark ‡HarvardMedical School Abstract Every second, the thoughts and feelings of millions of people across the world are recorded in the form of Jan 03, 2020 · Twitter Ads are so effective because you’re able to show your ad to just the right people. 15. Surely the Jan 15, 2019 · Twitter is a social media and online news platform where people communicate in short messages – up to 240 characters long – called tweets. For this Followers Analysis is the best tool that can provide you an exclusive data analytics including demographic data on Twitter followers. readmongo. Here’s what you can learn — and where: Account home is your Twitter report card, with high-level statistics tracked from month to month. 2% from India, 4. More followers ~ More tweets. Twitter Users' Diversity Becomes an Ad Selling Point As a newly minted public company, Twitter is constantly looking at new revenue streams. 70% of millennial YouTube users watched a YouTube video to learn how to do something new or learn about something they’re interested in. Our influence scoring algorithm takes into account stats like percentile rank based on number of followers, following, retweet counts, category etc. We will cover this in more detail in a later guide. adult Twitter population. More than 70% of Linkedin users are from outside the US. So being able to target audiences based on a number of parameters — interests, demographics, operating system, brands they follow, and a variety of other variables — means your content is targeted to the right people. Facebook, and Twitter link buttons, too. Twitter financial statistics. Computational social science studies often contextualize   Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Messenger user demographics updated monthly for every country in the world. The percentage of teenagers who count Twitter as their favourite social media platform is just 26%. U. Over the last four quarters, Twitter's revenue has grown by 28%. Proceedings of the Fifth International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media. User demographics Countries with the most Twitter users 2020 Feb 01, 2018 · Enriching Twitter data with demographic features is of great importance for both : industry and research applications. Customer demographics are about how old your A Twitter user on average has sent out 794 tweets over the last 3 years Tweet This →. Share. Andrew Whitby. Deployed around the world, the armed forces are a pillar of U. The population of Russia peaked at 148,689,000 in 1991, just before the breakup of the Soviet Union. The ISIS Twitter Census Defining and describing the population 1. Social Media Monitoring? Enter your Twitter username. Fact Tank January 17, 2019. Thank you! Please note: This function may not be available for all EPIC Departments. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. 81% of millennials check Twitter at least once per day which shows that daily usage from millennials is still high. Feb 10, 2020 · Twitter Demographics. March 19, 2013. This means that you need to keep mobile in mind when creating posts and images. Its latest quest: Capitalize on demographics. Pinterest: Pinterest analytics. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. Aside from Facebook, Twitter is perhaps the most important and interesting social media platform on the web. May 14, 2019 · Indeed, almost half of Twitter’s user base comes from this demographic, so if you are targeting people within this age bracket then Twitter might just be the perfect social media platform for your brand to start taking seriously. Find us on Twitter; Find us on YouTube; Listen to our Podcast Jan 14, 2017 · 39 Astounding Youtube Demographics Jan 14, 2017 Mar 17, 2016 by Brandon Gaille You’ll find nearly 300 hours of new video uploads available to watch on YouTube every minute of every day. Remember me. Researching Twitter has been popular since the early days of the medium in 2006. Within the platform on an international basis, the breakdown Jun 26, 2018 · YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are the top three non-celebrity brands on Twitter, according to follower count (70,249,950 followers, 62,057,981 followers, and 39,482,334 followers, respectively). Low birth rates and abnormally high death rates caused Russia's population to decline at a 0. 1 Inferred Location 1. We’ve been working to keep you safe, connected, and informed on Twitter as we all face the COVID-19 pandemic. Future Development A once-in-a-century pandemic collides with a once-in-a-decade census. May 08, 2019 · (Jesse Costa/WBUR) This article is more than 1 year old. Geotemporal Twitter Demographics Alistair Leak and Guy Lansley such as those of Charles Booth, depicted the population on a single ordinal scale, classifications have increasingly sought to Twitter Users are Big About Mobile: 82% of Twitter users hop on from their mobile phones and tablets. Some efforts made to classify twitter users by age use tweet metadata (original tweet count, retweet rate, reply rate, etc. Governments can offer incentives to boost fertility rates, but that won’t be enough—so the world should brace itself for slower growth and fewer economic standouts in the decades to come. Whereas most prior approaches rely on a supervised learning approach, in  of We are Flint's exploration into social media demographics and usage in the Skype, Snapchat, Tinder, Tumblr, Twitter, Vkontake, WeChat, WhatsApp, and  About Us · Contact Us · Careers · TermsPrivacy Policy. , customer reviews via social media). Twitter's revenue is the ranked 5th among it's top 10 competitors. to Sep 21, 2015 · You may find this thread useful as it touches on a number of Demographic datapoints: answer to How can I get demographic data on Twitter followers? Specifically, I'd like to know gender, age, and country/state data. provides exclusive, custom descriptions of the lifestyles, character, and living conditions of every neighborhood in the U. In The Social Media Demographics Report, Business Insider Intelligence highlights the key audience demographics for six major social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn Mislove A, Lehmann S, Ahn Y-Y, Onnela J P, Rosenquist JN (2011) Understanding the demographics of Twitter users. that you take a look at your own demographics within Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Census Bureau, America’s population is continually evolving. During the survey period it was found that 28 percent of global Twitter Apr 16, 2020 · 40+ Twitter Statistics & Facts For 2020. However, the Pew Center  24 Apr 2020 This statistic provides information on the distribution of Twitter users worldwide as of April 2020, Statistics on "Twitter - User demographics". We will work closely with Twitter Alas, our Business Resource Group for Latinx employees and allies, the People team and external partners to help us close this gap with urgency. Twitter Cards. How many Twitter users are women and how many are men? Oct 30, 2019 · Measure engagement and learn how to make your Tweets more successful. Log In. Most notably, Twitter users are much younger than the average U. 5 Languages 1. The Demographics data, such as age, race, gender, income, crime risk, school quality, migration patterns and population growth, come together to create the special characteristics of a neighborhood. Download. ABSTRACT. Race and ethnicity. Twitter is not a business—it’s a service with a business that keeps it going. May 19, 2014 · Nielsen Adds Age And Gender Demographics To Twitter TV Ratings Nielsen announced today that it has added age and gender demographic data to its Twitter TV Ratings product, in an effort to drive Jul 08, 2014 · – Only 18% of online users have Twitter accounts. Influence analysis of Twitter users . Specifically, in Q4 2019's revenue was $1B; in Q3 2019, it was $823. Twitter use among millennials jumped significantly in the past year, but not among older age  9 Jul 2019 However, research shows that the demographics of Twitter may make it the most unique and youthful social media platform yet. This project is focused on exploring the appealing trends in the profiles of different users, with respect to different aspects of the user demographics which includes gender, whether the user is an individual or an organization, psychological and their academic background, who had discussed psychological articles on Twitter. The advertising platform represents a wide variety of interests and demographics, and is particularly relevant for college-educated audiences under 50. With that in mind I periodically update this post with the best information that I can find! If you have any great data I am missing, please shoot me an email … tara (at)marketingartfully. adults on the internet (22% In January 2017, Twitter axed the Moments tab and created the Explore tab on the mobile app, which combined Twitter trends, Moments, and search -- all in one place. Demographics Pro shows you nearly every detail about your Twitter followers, competitors, or hashtags, down to salaries, ethnicity, and occupations. Apr 08, 2019 · The Democratic Electorate on Twitter Is Not the Actual Democratic Electorate. Overall, the percentage of applicants who spend money on video games decreases with age. Twitter reached a peak in revenue of $717m in Q4 2015. Twitter is the Important, Vocal Minority Demographics. The gender breakdown for Twitter users among US adults shows that 24% of men use Twitter while 21% of women use the platform. Buffer Analyze, our social media analytics tool, provides basic demographics data about your Facebook Page fans and Instagram Business profile followers. Of the 145 daily Twitter users, 30 million were in the US (21%), with the remaining 115 million ‘international’. In this article: Unclassified Topic; Matt Carmichael. Large numbers of unemployed youth have been behind the protests for change in the Middle East. This trend will likely continue. Twitter Demographics. 27 Facebook user demographics you need to know in 2020. Defining generations: Where Millennials end Twitter Facial Analysis Reveals Demographics of Presidential Campaign Followers. What marketing strategies does Twitter use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Twitter. Our mission is to shape Twitter's inclusive environment, support leadership opportunities, and empower the people and advertisers on Twitter. Enriching Twitter data with demographic features is of great  9 Jan 2019 Where Twitter data are available for an article, counts for each user category and geolocation data are included in the Demographics tab of  13 Oct 2019 Tweeters: Deriving sociologically relevant demographics from Twitter science research is the lack of demographic information associated  19 Nov 2015 This article explores intersections between place, race/ethnicity, and gender amongst American Twitter users and makes an argument that  Demographics Pro powers top influencer marketing platforms, analytics providers and agencies with social media audience demographics data integrated via  16 Apr 2020 Top 40+ latest up-to-date and interesting Twitter statistics for 2020, with usage stats, demographics & facts that you should know about as a  Twitter Follower Demographics. ) as features and other efforts focus on using linguistic features of the users tweets have not been Research Your Twitter Followers’ Demographics 1. Reply statistics. YouTube Geography Demographics. Though older generations are embracing and using Instagram, the platform is still largely favored by younger demographics. CFR examines the U. While Twitter usage in the US — 22% of adults — is lower compared to other networks, it's ideal for timely content like  In this paper, we predict the demographics of Twitter users based on whom they follow. Furthermore, the fact that we collected only around 10% of all tweets during the calendar year 2011 means that our data set is a non-uniform subsample of statements made by a non ^ Most popular tweets on Twitter as of February 2020, by number of retweets ^ Twitter by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts ^ Distribution of Twitter users worldwide as of January 2020, by age group ^ Social Media Fact Sheet ^ 10 Twitter Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2020 ^ An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Across the World May 16, 2011 · For the latest social media demographics and user breakdowns, and all your favorite data, follow @adagestat on Twitter. – Instagram is just moments behind, having acquired 17% of online users. Whether you’re planning to use Facebook to break into new markets, boost sales, or connect with customers, it’s important to stay on top of Facebook user demographics. UK statistics show that tweeting  21 Mar 2017 the people you're trying to reach are over on Instagram. 315 (a)(5) Demographics— Enable a user to record, change, and access patient demographic data including race, ethnicity, preferred language, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and date of birth. If we shift the focus to advertising audience, Japan is the next biggest Twitter market after the US (with market penetration of nearly a third), followed by the UK. Approximately six of every 10 (63 percent) Twitter users worldwide are between 35 and 65 years old (theVAB, 2018). 26 May 2015 The platform provides detailed demographic and psychographic analysis of Twitter audiences, conversations, and groups of users. Nov 05, 2009 · STATS: The Twitter Demographics. You can display your Twitter Ad to users based on their specific interests, demographics, and even their activity on Twitter. palachy@gmail. Every advertising platform is unique in both the features they offer to advertisers and the demographics of its users. 9M. Unfortunately, Twitter demographics panel was depreciated in WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. There are 57% of male users and 43% female users on Linkedin. The company made $841 million in overall Mar 27, 2020 · The demographics panel was meant to indicate subject preferences of your audience, helping to guide your content marketing strategy. §170. The first step in making data-driven decisions is to define what you’re trying to achieve, and then identifying the type of data that reflects those goals. , 2016). The license, when known, is given in {curly brackets}. Twitter demographics - middle aged men now the biggest user segment (!) Writing in Time magazine , Bill Tancer from Hitwise has given insight into Twitter user profile data. 46 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn. • Using OLS we determine the influence of land uses on Twitter temporal activity. covid19. But with Twitter slowly becoming the next prominent social media marketing Mar 14, 2019 · Keeping up with age demographics for advertising is an ongoing process. • Twitter activity profiles were obtained based on the type of land use. Try your search again Twitter. twitter demographics

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